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Sony’s in-car receivers with App Remote make cables obsolete

Sony has just unveiled its new in-car receivers with an App Remote that connects to any smartphone and thus eliminates the need for cables. Looks pretty stylish too.

In-car CD receivers are ancient but have been getting a few well-needed bumps in technology, though most still keep the CD aspect, which itself is becoming obsolete. Sony’s now unveiled in-car receivers with an App Remote that an iOS, Android, Blackberry or Walkman can connect to and play music via Bluetooth instead of using cumbersome cables that last a whole two weeks if you’re lucky.

The MEX-GS600BT, MEX-BT4100P, MEX-BT3100P and CDX-GS500R models all come with the App Remote. Instead of fumbling around with a smartphone, trying to tap the right place on the touch screen and missing on-coming traffic by mere millimeters, the faceplate buttons are used, so you can intuitively change the music like you have been for ages.

USB and AUX connections are still available, though why you would want it if you have a smartphone, no one knows. The MEX-GS600BT and CDX-GS500R both have two USB ports and a 5-volt RCA preamp output. Further differences in the range are hard to identify, by look or by features. Prices are between US$149 and US$199 for the MEX-GS600BT, MEX-BT4100P and MEX-BT3100P, while the CDX-GS500R will go for US$149.

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