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All posts by Andy Walker: staff reporter

  • Watch a Peel P50 complete a three-point turn inside a Ford Transit [video]

    When faced with a virtually impossible three-point turn on a treacherously narrow road, most drivers immediately balloon with dread. Not the chaps at Ford. The company has released a rather ingenious advert aimed at flaunting the 15.1 cubic metre loading space in its new Ford Transit van. How? Well, by using the world's smallest production car, driven by the world's most determined man, to complete the world's most painful multi-point turn. You remember the Peel P50? The car that Jeremy Clarkson famously drove through the BBC headquarters? Well, in this video, the Peel P50 successfully drives into the Transit's loading area, turns...

  • Driving like a Doge: Dogecoin-sponsored NASCAR races at Talladega

    The internet, in more ways than one, is now NASCAR's new best friend. Josh Wise's Dogecar has run its first NASCAR race at the famed Talladega Superspeedway this weekend. Wise's No. 98 car, adorned with Dogecoin's beloved shiba inu on the bonnet and rear bumper, finished a respectable 20th place in the Aaron's 499. Although Wise couldn't quite scratch a win, the internet community and the cryptocurrency's fans must see the achievement as a victory in itself. Wise, prior to Talladega, ran the No. 98 car owned by Phil Parsons Racing team, without a sponsor. This all changed a few weeks...

  • Limited edition, 592-horsepower M5 to celebrate car’s 30th anniversary

    BMW recently celebrated the M5's 30th anniversary by doing a few doughnuts with the current model, but it wasn't content with merely reminiscing and ruining a few tyres. The Munich manufacturer has "surprise" plans to produce an even more beastly M5 celebrating the car's 30th birthday. It's being called the M5 Anniversary Edition. According to leaked reports spotted by Bimmerpost, where BMW vehicles are sacred, the tribute M5 will get even more power, more sex appeal and a select group of extremely happy owners. Only 300 special vehicles will be produced and will feature a beefed up version of Munich's 4.4-litre...

  • From phones to wheels: Nokia invests US$100 million in connected car technology

    Nokia has pledged to invest a total of US$100 million in connected car technology, a few days after selling its devices and services division to Microsoft. Yes, the world may never see another Nokia phone again, but that doesn't mean the Finnish company will just simply fade into the past. In a few years, the world may see intelligent car technology funded in part by Nokia. In fact, investing in connected and smart car technology puts it in direct competition with Apple and its automotive endeavours. The "Connected Car fund," managed by Nokia Growth Partners, will "invest in promising auto tech...

  • 7 of the best: Ayrton Senna’s most memorable Formula 1 drives

    Where there are great racing cars, like the McLaren MP4/4, there are usually great racing drivers sitting in the driver's seat. There were few greater in the modern era than Ayrton Senna. The late Brazilian is idolised in motorsport folklore and canonised in his homeland, lauded for his phenomenal talent, humble persona, ruthless determination and sheer desire to win. He won 41 races from 161 starts, taking 65 pole positions and earning three World Drivers' Championships. The San Marino GP, 20 years ago, marks the weekend that would change Formula 1 forever -- for the better and the worse. While...

  • Sick of car washes? Nissan introduces the ‘world’s first self-cleaning’ car

    There are few more troublesome things in this world than keeping a car clean. Engineers over at Nissan's European technical centre in Switzerland agree and have developed the world's first dirt-repellent paint. They then sprayed the miracle paint onto their humble city hatchback. Introducing the world's first "self-cleaning" car, the Nissan Note. The "super-hydrophobic" and mud-repellent paint, trademarked as "Ultra-Ever Dry," makes use of nanotechnology to actively remove grime, water, mud and frost before it grips onto the vehicle's surface. Nissan claims that the coating forms a "protective layer of air between the paint and environment" keeping the vehicle dirt free. This...

  • 8 legendary, ludicrous and utterly lorn Formula 1 innovations

    Since as far back as the invention of the wheel, humans have felt the need to travel faster and faster, preferably in competition with someone else. In today’s world of Formula 1, this insatiable appetite melds both arcane methods of exploding fossil fuels, extraordinarily talented drivers and bleeding edge technology. Innovations are, and were never too far from the sport. That’s not to say all of these innovations were successful. 1. Life's L190 W12 Engine Life Racing Engine’s 1990 season, for example, was a grave embarrassment. Everything about this team was a failure – from the use of FIRST’s diabolical and cumbersome...

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