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All posts by Dmytro Svarytsevych

Dmytro Svarytsevych
Dmytro Svarytsevych is the UX Office Director at SoftServe, Inc. He is responsible for not only client projects across multiple industries but also facilitates a company-wide User Experience Strategy. Dmytro holds a Masters of Physics from National University Ivan Franko, and is also a frequent contributor to the SoftServe United blog on all things UX related.
  • UXed in 60 seconds: 5 ways Jaguar Land Rover UX is boosting the automotive space

    Our cars already have software from Microsoft, Google, and Apple in them, filtered through touchscreens and sensors. Likewise, the number of cars on the road is also escalating at a fast and furious rate. But the more developed the automotive industry becomes, the more attention and focus drivers should pay to preventing emergencies. It’s much harder to keep attention on the steering wheel when there are so many controllers around you. Still, not all settings are used with the same frequency. For example, tuning to a radio station, regulating air conditioning temperature, or answering an incoming call happens rather often,...

  • 4 UX principles for creating effective car interfaces

    Have you noticed that today’s most buzzed about companies don’t actually own any product? Amazon and Alibaba unite manufacturers; Uber provides transportation services, but doesn't own a single car; Airbnb is a worldwide hotel brand that doesn’t own any of its offered apartments. What unites all these companies? What is the secret to their success? The answer is a buzzing collocation you have definitely heard about: user experience. UX is highly valued by every individual, and something we are willing to pay for. Automotive is one of the most rapidly developing industries, and the last few years have witnessed...

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