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All posts by Johnny Aucump

Johnny Aucump
In 1999 Johnny joined Dimension as Global Account Manager before moving to Internet Solutions as Operations Manager for Africa. Thereafter he joined MTN as Strategic Relations for Africa. Johnny has been at Britehouse since 2013 working in various roles from Group Exec for Business Development to Sales Director. He has sat on the Board of multiple companies and currently sits on the EXCO Board of Britehouse.
  • Connected cars, connected industries, connected everything

    Let’s delve into the fact that, much like the Internet of Things, we have entered into an era of Connected Everything. Everything, from fridges to household light settings, is being built with the ability to be accessed and used remotely, using what is termed ‘telematics’. Cars are no exception. Ford, Audi, and Mercedes Benz have all showcased their prototype vehicles that are autonomous. Long gone are the days when the only kind of connectivity a car had was to a network which could track its whereabouts. Today, a ‘connected car’ means being able to navigate through a host of...

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