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All posts by Marc da Motta

  • Is autonomous car tech driving us around the bend?

    Are we ready for a future not too dissimilar to that portrayed in Minority Report? I’m not referring to bald people predicting murders before they occur, but rather to cars that don’t need us -- the drivers. Being a big fan of driving myself, this is a question that naturally presented itself when I read news of Audi’s new autonomous car system. It beats the bendz Audi itself prefers to call it a “piloted” system, reinforcing the idea that these cars should not necessarily be left entirely to their own devices, but that human guidance should still be present to supervise...

  • 6 gadgets that changed motoring forever

    Motoring is an industry that is always worth keeping an eye on for innovation, creativity and technology. The people who design cars are all entrepreneurs in their own way: they actively seek new and better ways to utilize and access the world as we know it from within the realms of your car’s cabin. Thanks to the Automotive Industry and a certain Henry Ford, we were given the assembly line, the Ford Model T and the concept that everyone could own a car. Over 100 years later the car has evolved into something truly remarkable and packed with...

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