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All posts by Rory Judd

Rory Judd is MiWay's head of online marketing. MiWay offers motorcycle insurance for motorcycles and accessories, for an obligation-free quote on motorcycle insurance with benefits such as roadside assistance. If you’d like to share additional tips for riding in bad weather, we’d love to hear from you. Visit MiWay’s Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus page.
  • 3 car innovations that we could see on highways very soon

    Every aspect of our lives is now subject to a digital facelift -- from the watches we wear to the massive processing engines we now carry around in our pockets, the world today would be a virtually unrecognisable place to someone visiting from 2006. Given the rapid technological evolution, vehicle manufacturers are also working hard to up their game and fit out their latest offerings with the types of digital advancements that could keep them ahead of their competitors. With Bluetooth and on-board navigation now somewhat standard offerings in today’s market, what does the next generation of smart cars hold? In...

  • 5 things you need to know about riding a motorbike in the rain

    Whether you ride to work or enjoy the thrill of the open road on weekends, motorcyclists who ride long and far enough are bound to be confronted with bad weather sooner or later. Riding in the rain carries added risks particularly for those on two wheels, so be ready for it to ensure safety while avoiding damage to your bike. Be prepared Rain or shine, preparing for any ride is important. This is especially true when you know you are going to hit bad weather and have no choice but to carry on. The following pointers will help you get...

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