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All posts by Scott Huntington

Scott Huntington is a car fanatic, writer, and blogger.
  • 10 easy mods to improve your car in 2017

    A new year is upon us, but is your car ready? You've probably already picked a purposeful, pragmatic New Year's Resolution, or maybe you've been easy on yourself and pledged to eat lunch every day. These are all good ideas, but not the best idea. Have you asked yourself 'What can I do for my car in 2017'? We’ve got the answers you need to help 2017 be your ride's best year ever. Unless it's a car from a time when gas/petrol prices were measured in cents. Here are ten suggestions that'll make you proud on any budget. 1. Remove Extra...

  • Why the new Ford Focus RS’ Drift Mode is awesome…and incredibly important

    The RS that everyone over here in America has been salivating over for years? Well, it’s finally coming to the United States next year. And the best news? It has drift mode — seriously. Recently, the 2016 Ford Focus RS was on display in New York City. Manufactured in Germany, the car won’t be available in the United States for about a year, with a potential release date being eyed sometime in the spring of 2016. Ford’s yet to announce any pricing details, but for car enthusiasts, that might not be as important as checking out what this bad boy’s...

  • These are the world’s most loved, and hated, cars

    For most of us, cars are a constant presence in our life; we’re either sitting in them and/or looking at them a large chunk of the day. As such, it’s not a surprise that we each have a preference for car types, as we would a pet breed or color. Some drivers prefer large grey vans, while others prefer a yellow convertible. Getting more specific, you may be surprised – or not at all – to learn what some of the most hated and most loved cars are, as revealed by a poll of Reddit users taken by CJ...

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