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All posts by Staff Reporter

  • Unbelievable cars we wished existed [Sponsored]

    If you’ve ever exclaimed a mind-blowing “woah!” at a futuristic car while watching a movie or dreamed of being James Bond for a day (not because of the way he looks or dresses but merely to take his out-of-this-world cars for a spin), then you’ll understand our eagerness at sharing this list of cars we wish we could drive Forget your responsibilities for a moment…sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! DeLorean DMC-12 -- Back to the Future Intelligence + speed + everything you want = DeLorean DMC-12. This car is as genius as it gets. What makes it so special is that...

  • The future of autoglass repair and replace [Sponsored]

    The theme of the recent PG Glass HPN conference was “The Future of Glass Repair and Replace”. There were presentations from around the world sharing information on how radically the motor vehicle industry is changing and the impact thereof to glass manufacturers, installers, fleet and insurance customers. The first day of the HPN conference was a Customer and Network Event where local and international speakers shared how the future of the motor industry and autoglass is changing. Speakers included Benny Daniel from Frost & Sullivan, United Kingdom, Johan Mortier, Global Technical Director, Belron and Doug Vining from FutureWorld. The days of...

  • Sasol Solar Challenge kicks off in Pretoria on Heritage Day

    The 2016 Sasol Solar Challenge will kick off in Pretoria on 24 September, pitting eight university teams against one another in an lengthy solar-powered journey. The bi-annual race, which was first held in 2008, aims to push engineering, endurance and renewable energy resources to their breaking points. University and private teams compete to craft the most efficient solar-powered vehicle, in a race from Pretoria to Cape Town's V&A Waterfront. The start of the race follows three days of scrutineering, which ensured that the cars were suitable and eligible to complete based on "electrical and mechanical engineering, structural stability, and safety aspects". The...

  • Hisense, TGN Racing co-develop ‘first 4K racing simulator in Africa’

    Hisense and TGN Racing Simulators are joining forces to build the "first 4K racing simulator in Africa". The rig will be used by professional drivers during practice and training sessions while at Zwartkops Raceway, near Pretoria. "The simulators have been engineered to provide a precise racing environment, each complete with advanced force feedback steering wheels, racing pedals and bucket seats, with some specially imported to South Africa," the press release explains. The rig will also boast three 55-inch 4K screens, to simulate the view from the racing cockpit. "At Hisense we are committed to products that can keep up with the high demands...

  • What innovation really means for business [SPONSORED]

    Innovation, like any good words appropriated too many times for too many purposes, has become something of a cliché, says Adam Oxford of htxt.africa, a company looking to claim back the word by inspiring action. We might understand innovation better “if we could define it a little more clearly”, says Oxford, htxt.africa’s editor in chief. That’s easier said than done, but one simple definition comes from WeThinkCode’s Camille Agon, who believes "innovation is finding solutions to problems". WeThinkCode is a new peer-to- peer tech institution that opened in South Africa in 2016. It aims to identify and train people between the ages of 17 and 35...

  • Is SA ready for the new world of work? [SPONSORED]

    The days of landing a job and staying in a company until retirement are gone. Indeed, for the new workforce, this old-fashioned approach holds little reality, writes Jane Steinacker. Last year, Millenials (roughly defined as those born from the early 1980s) became the largest generation in the workforce. This, says Lee Naik, MD of Accenture Digital, is significant for two reasons. "First, because Millennials will soon become the predominant source of human capital, and, second, because businesses stand to benefit greatly from the technology acumen and talent this generation (also known as 'digital natives') possesses." The greatest workplace disruptor, digital transformation, is changing not just the way...

  • Did you know these cool safety features are in the new Opel Astra? [Sponsored]

    The latest model in Opel's long-running Astra range is one very lightweight vehicle, seeing between 120 and 200 kilograms of weight saved in some rather smart ways. That doesn't mean the car skimps on safety though, as the German marque has managed to include quite a few interesting features in this regard. We take a look at some of the intriguing ways that Opel's new Astra improves your safety. The bread and butter The car has a few fundamental safety features that you might take for granted nowadays - but they're no less important anyway. There are six airbags and six crash sensors, as well as an ISOFIX-standardised child seat system...

  • Here’s what Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman drive on the weekend [Gallery]

    You're Bruce Wayne: a man with a penchant for thrills and a wallet larger than Gotham itself. You have the Tumbler in your possession, but what do you drive on the weekend when, you know, the Joker's locked up and chained to Arkham's steeple and you have a track day scheduled? That's precisely the question the guys at CarWow wanted answered. So, they tasked their design team with crafting what they think superheroes, like Batman, would drive on their days off. And here are their lavish and down right ludicrous answers. If you're interested in how the team formulated these ideas,...

  • Mazda teases CX-4 ahead of Beijing Motor Show

    Mazda has announced that it'll unveil a new CX-4 at the Beijing Motor Show and, by the looks of things, it's not going to be short on curves and bumps. While the Japanese motoring giant hasn't revealed much about the new car, it has confirmed that it'll be the latest vehicle in its line-up to be built according to its KODO-Soul of Motion design principles. It'll also apparently feature its full range of SKYACTIV Technology.

  • This is the new Ford Kuga [Gallery]

    Ford this week chose the biggest mobile technology conference on the planet -- Mobile World Congress, currently underway in Barcelona -- to launch its new Kuga SUV. While it also announced a series of updates to it SYNC 3 connectivity technology and a commitment to tripling Ford's engineering investment in semi-autonomous vehicle technologies, the Kuga was still the big news of the day. Featuring a 120 PS 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine, the Kuga is packed with technology, including Ford's new SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system, innovative driver assistance technologies, Perpendicular Parking technology that helps drivers park hands-free...

  • New campaign aims to bring a little fun to the car-rental space

    Car rentals can be a complete pain in the arse, you only have to look at the people queuing up for cars at the airport to know that. But one car company is looking to change that by urging its customers to actually get out and have a bit of fun. The ad, from South African company Bidvest Car Rental, tries to get customers to see the car rental process through the eyes of a child. As the ad's 'Kid-President'-esque protagonist says at one point: "It shouldn't be called the weekend, it should be called the WEEK-GINNING!" Check it out:...

  • Toyota wants to put driverless cars on the road by 2020 Olympic Games

    Driverless cars are becoming less of a fad and more of a future reality, especially when companies like Toyota get involved. One of the world's biggest car manufacturers is pushing for driverless cars to be on the roads, roaming around, by 2020. The company was recently spotted testing one of its Lexus saloons, which "uses multiple external sensors" to steer clear of potential hazards and, well, things it could possibly crash into. Of course, the car also adjusts acceleration, braking and steering to achieve this. For now, it's limited in its abilities. It's not exactly an automated master of its craft...

  • VW emissions saga continues: Audi, Skoda claim over 3.3m of their cars affected

    Volkswagen has single handedly ruined the diesel car for the world, after it was found that the company was installing software that helped its diesel cars to cheat the US emissions test. It's not a small matter, and subsequently, it has sent shock waves as far as Formula 1 itself. But new claims by VW-subsidiaries Skoda and Audi have laid another blow. Both companies claim that there are over 3.3-million Audi and Skoda branded cars trotting around motorways with this software. This includes 2.1-million Audis and 1.2-million Skodas worldwide. Models affected from the Ingolstadt marque includes the Audi A1, A3, A4, A5,...

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