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All posts by Staff Reporter

  • Electric goes American gangster with Cadillac ELR

    What happens when you bolt a Chevvy Volt onto a coupe with chiseled looks? You get the Cadillac ELR. Stemming from the company's Converj concept, unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show, the ELR does feature a couple of tweaks from the Volt. For one, it's faster: Cadillac says it will do nought to 100kph in just over eight seconds, thanks largely to electric-drive system. Underneath everything else is pretty much the same. What that means though is that the ELR has less range in electric mode than the Volt and once the juice runs out, you'll have to...

  • Meet the 2014 Mercedes S Class

    When it comes to car tech, the Mercedes S Class has been setting the bench mark for years now. Unveiled at an event in Hamburg, it looks like the 2014 edition of Merc's luxury sedan is no different. On the inside, it's packed full of gadgets, including large twin screens on the instrument panel and center dash, massage seats based on hot stone technology and 'thermo-cupholders', designed to keep your hot cup of coffee well, hot as you glide gracefully to your next executive appointment. The outside meanwhile is decked out with full LED lighting designed to complement the...

  • iPhone 5 + VW Beetle = ‘iBeetle’: coming 2014

    Let’s welcome the iBeetle, a combination of two iconic brands that were simply meant to be. The latest VW Beetle will come with an integrated iPhone dock and “special Beetle app” that will reveal as much about the car as any other modern vehicle dashboard would, says PCmag.com. Volkswagen that the iBeetle has a "genuine integrative interface that's been coordinated with Apple,” and is one of the first cars in the worlds to incorporate this. VW will rollout the iBeetle in 2014, with a convertible and coupe model being initially available. The iPhone dock will be front and present in...

  • iVIC Vehicle Infotainment Center is the Android-powered heart and soul of your ride

    Most cars nowadays have screens in them, so why not use them to their full extent? Here is the next step of mobile integration: a navigation screen in your car that mirrors your Android phone. The iVIC is an "in Vehicle Infotainment Center for Android smartphone integration", says its website. It allows the user to access almost every app on their Android smartphone. You can use your Android smartphone with the car's...

  • Sony’s in-car receivers with App Remote make cables obsolete

    Sony has just unveiled its new in-car receivers with an App Remote that connects to any smartphone and thus eliminates the need for cables. Looks pretty stylish too. In-car CD receivers are ancient but have been getting a few well-needed bumps in technology, though most still keep the CD aspect, which itself is becoming obsolete. Sony's now unveiled in-car receivers with an App Remote that an iOS, Android, Blackberry or Walkman can connect to and play music via Bluetooth instead of using cumbersome cables that last a whole two weeks if you're lucky. The MEX-GS600BT, MEX-BT4100P, MEX-BT3100P and CDX-GS500R models all...

  • Tablets, smart gadgets, balls, blocks and cars rule at CES

    Slick touchscreen tablet computers and smarter devices for the home and the car took centre stage as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wrapped up on Sunday. The "always-connected" lifestyle was on full display at the annual gadget extravaganza as Internet technology ruled at a show traditionally dominated by eye-popping new television sets. Tablet computers to rival Apple's iPad were the hot new products on display along with powerful new smartphones, ultra-thin laptops and Web-connected...

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