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All posts by Stephan Lourens

  • Cadillac ATC: all the smartphone you’ll ever need…in a car

    Although just a concept car at this stage, the Cadillac ATC is a prospective look into the future of mobile communication. But we have mobile computing already don't we? Yes, but we are talking about a "smartcar", not a smartphone or tablet. Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the car is basically a smartphone on wheels. And if you think about it, it was always going to happen some or other time. Using the Cadillac ATS as a base model, the car is equipped with a 4G LTE connection from AT&T complete with the 4G AT&T logo on the...

  • ‘Back to the Future’ De Lorean restored, returned to Universal Studios

    Dr. Emmet "Doc" Brown's DeLorean time travel machine is one of the most iconic cars of the silver screen. And also the only distinction the car ever achieved. The original, screen-used DeLorean from Back to the Future, known as the "A" car, has been expertly restored to complete museum quality standards over the last year and is now on display at Universal Studio. Back to the Future geeks... Sit up straight! The Time Machine Restoration team, spearheaded by Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale, took a year to restore this car to its former glory after years of the...

  • Uber-expensive Ferrari Enzo gets down and dirty on YouTube

    Tax The Rich, a group of YouTubers who seem to have sprung out from the dirty farming corner of Anonymous, have used a Ferrari Enzo for rallying purposes across a farm in this, its latest posting. A dirty Enzo? Rallying through mud and dirt on a farm road? Sounds like heaven... Although the traditional stuck-up owners of these cars would probably relate that an Enzo was not made for that, the question this group is asking, is why not? Just like Jay Kay, Jamiroquai front man, speed freak and collector of exotic cars, the group seem to say that these cars...

  • Tesla releases app for its Models S electric car on iOS and Android

    Tesla has announced an app for its Tesla Model S that will monitor aspects of the car, change settings and honk the horn if you can't find it. Electric cars, especially the Tesla models, are technological marvels, perfectly suited for the gadget-obsessed and the addition of an app that lets you remote control your car adds to that. The app has various features that will allow owners to fully communicate with the car, allowing them to precondition the temperature while not in the car, check the battery level and switch charging on or off. Owners literally "sign in" to their...

  • Automatica: The WiFi music dongle for your car

    A European internet company, Inrete, has introduced a WiFi USB dongle that can plug into your car's port to play music stored on it. The device can connect to various cloud storage services such as Dropbox (or your personal stash of music) and download about 24 hours of music to its internal memory. The device has WiFi that allows it to piggyback on your smartphone's internet connection or from WiFi sources in its surrounds. This enables it to connect to the cloud services on the go while you drive to download whatever new content is available. This walk around music...

  • Formula One will make your head spin in the future with 360 degree camera

    If you always thought your Formula One (F1) viewing experience was missing a little something, meet the ViewCam 360. Norwegian company Making View and Red Bull Racing have teamed up to produce the world's first 360 degree video camera for an F1 car. Have you always wanted to be there at the action where it all happens? ViewCam 360 will allow you to watch from almost any angle you can imagine. It will be like Google Street View supercharged high-speed with adrenalin added. Weighing in at 600 grams and with 224 GB of internal memory, it is fully remote-controlled and captures...

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