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All posts by Stuart Thomas: Motorburn Editor

  • CNN’s getting a show dedicated to Formula E

    This is pretty cool. CNN's launching a dedicated Formula E show to go alongside its other premium sports shows, which cover golf, sailing, horse racing, equestrianism, skiing, Formula 1 and tennis. Presented by motor and tech broadcaster Nicki Shields, who also founded a tech startup, the show will feature highlights of the latest Formula E race but will venture beyond the circuit to focus on the cutting-edge sustainable technology powering the cars, how a new sport is being built from the ground up and the wider story of promoting cleaner practices in sport and the wider world. The series...

  • Watch this bonkers GoPro footage of Ken Block in SA

    Hear at Motorburn, we love us some Ken Block. We love him even more when he makes a video in our own back yard. And that's exactly what he did, with the help of GoPro, when he was performing at Clarkson, Hammond, and May Live a few months back. While Block is the named star of the video, it actually features some other petrol-fueled lunatics doing awesome things on four -- and sometimes two -- wheels. Check it out:

  • This is what Renault’s 2016 F1 car looks like

    Renault this week unveiled its car for the 2016 Formula One season and, no matter where it comes on the track, it's bound to attract attention. The car, which will be piloted by Kevin Magnussen (a last minute replacement for the controversial Pastor Maldanado) and Britain’s Jolyon Palmer, looks achingly beautiful in black, with grey elements, and gold trim. The new F1 car features the French marque's existing R.E. 16 power unit, alongside an in-house manufactured chasis. At the same time as it launched its new F1 car, Renault revealed a new strategy encompassing two pillars: Renault Sport Racing...

  • VW is actually building its BUDD-e concept

    A little while back, we told you about the BUDD-e concept that Volkswagen unveiled at the Cosumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas back in January. Well the embattled carmaker this week announced plans to actually build out. Built to be a contemporary replacement for the German company's legendary microbus, the BUDD-e is built on a new Modular Electric Platform (MEB) designed specifically for plug-in vehicles and built with the Internet of Things firmly in mind. Originally designed to show what will be possible in the next three to four years, when it anticipates that electric cars will have...

  • Vintage goes green: Morgans to be electric, hybrid by 2019

    If I asked you to picture a typical Morgan driver, you'd probably imagine someone with a predilection for tweed and a fear of anything remotely "new-fangled". But it turns out the bespoke British marque isn't afraid of a little innovation. In fact, you may well be able to lay your hands on an electric Morgan by as soon as 2019. Electric 3 wheeler soon, rest 2019? https://t.co/jbSiVPl4n6— Charles Morgan UK (@charlesmorganuk) February 1, 2016 According to Jalopnik, Morgan's bid to go electric is part of an US$8.6 million partnership its struck with British government. To pull off its bid...

  • Opel thinks its GT Concept is the future of sports cars

    Meet the latest concept from Opel. Set to be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show, running from 3 to 13 March 2016, the German manufacturer reckons it's the future of sports cars. According to Opel, the front mid-engine and rear-wheel drive GT Concept is a direct descendant of the Opel GT and the Monza Concept and represents the next step forward in its design philosophy. As is the case with many concept cars unveiled over the past few years (and approximately none on the road), the GT Concept features no door handles or wing mirrors. "We are taking...

  • 5 things I learned taking the Suzuki Vitara on holiday

    Late last year, we gave you our first impressions of the Suzuki Vitara, the new compact crossover from the Japanese manufacturer. By and large, our feelings towards the Vitara were positive, but it's not easy to fully get to grips with a car in a single day. Fortunately, my time with the Vitara wasn't limited to a single launch trip. During my recent end-of-year holidays, spent in KwaZulu-Natal, I was given a couple of weeks with the compact crossover. Here's what I learned: 1. It battles up steep hills Most of the time, the Vitara's 1.5l engine has more...

  • Audi: fully autonomous cars still at least a decade away

    While Elon Musk is having to curb Tesla owners from being overly exuberant with their autopilot functionality, Audi thinks we're still a decade away from fully autonomous cars. In a recent interview with Car and Driver, Audi USA president Scott Keogh expressed the belief that we won't see a fully autonomous car on the market for at least 10 years. That appears to fly in the face of Musk's assertion that an autonomous car will drive across the US in the next two to three years and Nissan's plans to launch an autonomous car by 2020. But, as Keogh...

  • Yup, drones can now autonomously land on moving cars

    If you find anything to do with autonomous drones scary, look away now. Not content with being able to do everything a human pilot can do -- at a fraction of the cost and danger -- it's now possible for drones to land autonomously on top of moving cars. Admittedly, the car does need a giant net on the roof but there are other potentially big pay-offs. According to the researchers at the German Aerospace Center who pulled the stunt off, a moving landing on top of a car means that you can ditch a drone's landing gear and...

  • GM gets ready to take on Uber with new Maven brand

    Well that was fast. General Motors has announced the launch of its ride-sharing brand Maven less than a month after making a US$500-million in Lyft and just a few days after buying failed Uber competitor Sidecar. It's an interesting move from one of the world's largest car makers, but it's clear that it's seen the rapid rise of Uber as a portent of things to come. According to a release from GM, the new brand will launch with a global team including more than 40 dedicated employees from the connected car technology industry as well as ride- and...

  • US drivers will be able to remotely park their future BMWs

    Depending on how much other stuff you've got in there, parking in a garage can be a right royal pain in the exhaust. It's probably a good thing then that a growing number of car manufacturers are building vehicles that allow drivers to park their cars remotely. Earlier this year, Tesla added remote parking to its autopilot functionality and now BMW has received the go-ahead to include the functionality in the US version of its new 7 Series. While the feature is already available in European models of the German marque's luxury saloon, current US legislation has prevented the...

  • Volvo lifts lid on new S90

    Volvo this week unveiled its new S90 and, by the looks of things, the Swedish carmaker sees a big future for itself in the US. Following a strong lift in US sales through 2015, Volvo says the decision to unveil the latest version of its premium sedan at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit was a very deliberate one. “We have always placed great significance on our presence in the US. That is why we decided to present our S90 to the public for the very first time at the Detroit show, and why we have begun...

  • Audi unveils zero-emission Quattro concept

    Audi's Quattro badge originally became famous in the heady, petrol-spewing days of Group B rally racing, but in the near future it could find itself attached to a car that produces no emissions at all. That's if the H-Tron Quattro concept shown off by the German car-maker at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), currently underway in Detroit, is anything to go by. While there's nothing especially outrageous about the car's looks, Audi is promising big things with the H-Tron. According to the Ingolstadt-based company, the concept is capable of around 600km on a single tank of hydrogen,...

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