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  • The Ferrari F80 Raeli could easily demolish a Formula 1 car, if it were real

    There have been some gorgeous Ferraris in the past, in concept, racing and production form. The F40 holds the hearts of many a Ferrari fan, while the GTO 250 is a US$38.1-million dream. But fans who can't necessarily afford these legendary vehicles often dabble with pen and paint themselves, to craft a concept as, if not more, breath-taking. Adriano Raeli is one such example, and his "F80" concept is a sheet metal masterpiece. The designer modeled his F80 on stealth fighter jets and draws plenty of inspiration from the Enzo as well. Larger air intakes, a raked windshield and over-sized...

  • This LaFerrari Le Mans LMP1 concept is every Ferrari fan’s fantasy

    If Ferrari does, in the near future, leave Formula 1 to try their hand at Le Mans, this is the car it should do it with. It's called the LaFerrari Cordero LMP1, and it's gorgeous. Recent remarks made by Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari's president, has plunged the legendary marque's future participation in Formula 1 into speculative waters. Although it's highly unlikely that the F14-T will be replaced by an LMP1 car, it's worth a concept sketch or two. The LaFerrari is already an impressive looking machine, but it's made even more beautiful by Italian design student Daniele Pelligra. Coated in the...

  • Deadmau5 is selling his Nyan Cat “Purrari” 458 Spider for $380 000

    Joel Zimmerman, the musician and king of trolling known as deadmau5, is selling his infamous bright blue "Purrari" for a cool US$380 000. Initially posted on Craigslist, the company has since taken Zimmerman's post down without explanation. The musician has however tweeted that the sale will instead be conducted on AutoTrader's Canadian platform. Zimmerman is about as carefree as people come, so much so that he draped his previously white Ferrari 458 Spider in a bright blue Nyan Cat-themed vinyl coating. To sweeten the already outrageous deal, the car will also come with an iPod laden with Nyan Cat jingles. One...

  • Dutch designer’s one off Ferrari looks absolutely astonishing

    Take a look at this and say a silent prayer of thanks for brilliant designers. Dutch design firm Ugur Sahin will be building a one-off edition of the Ferrari 458 Italia and it'll look like the one in the picture above. The car, which will be limited to a build run of, um, one will share a chassis with the 458, but there will be substantial work done to the floor, door structure and roof. The original 458 engine will stay (this is a design house we're talking about, so it's probably best that it steers clear of making...

  • Ferrari’s one-off 458 tribute to Niki Lauda is absolutely astonishing

    Look, we know we're all about the tech on Motorburn, but sometimes you just have to take your hat off to a piece of automotive brilliance. The one-off 458 Ferrari's built in tribute to Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda is one of those times. The car, which was built by the Marinello-based manufacturer's Tailor Made personalisation programme for a private client, features a paint job based on the livery Lauda's F1 car sported in the seventies. That includes a white roof, featuring the Italian flag going longitudinally across it and gold rims The interior also got a makeover with the...

  • Ferrari LaFerrari is the hybrid tech-powered future of supercars

    Undoubtedly the star of the Geneva Motor Show 2013, the LaFerrari is a masterpiece to behold. Any Ferrari is something special, but when one of its limited production marvels is released, the automotive world really does have something to celebrate. But that name! Simply awful, especially coming off a name like 'Enzo'. However, hybrid engines, coupled with active aerodynamics make this a revolutionary car, not only for Ferrari, but for the whole world too. Say hello to the future of the supercar. Those engines Ferrari was adamant; the V12 stays. Facing increasingly stricter emissions legislations, Ferrari were faced with a dilemma:...

  • Uber-expensive Ferrari Enzo gets down and dirty on YouTube

    Tax The Rich, a group of YouTubers who seem to have sprung out from the dirty farming corner of Anonymous, have used a Ferrari Enzo for rallying purposes across a farm in this, its latest posting. A dirty Enzo? Rallying through mud and dirt on a farm road? Sounds like heaven... Although the traditional stuck-up owners of these cars would probably relate that an Enzo was not made for that, the question this group is asking, is why not? Just like Jay Kay, Jamiroquai front man, speed freak and collector of exotic cars, the group seem to say that these cars...

  • 6 one-of-a-kind Ferraris you’ll never own

    So yet another of the ridiculously rich has decided that a standard Ferrari just isn't enough. To commemorate, I have accumulated the best that Ferrari has built, most of which has come out of its fabulous Special Projects division, hence the ever-present SP in some of the names. The beauty above, though -- built by Pininfarina, not Ferrari -- is what started most of the one-off Ferrari dreams. Arya SP The newest project for Ferrari's Special Projects division is for Cheerag Arya, a UAE-based Indian businessman. He already has 7 Ferraris in his garage, but not one with his name on...

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