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  • Watch Jaguar’s high wire XF stunt

    Last week we told you that Jaguar had something pretty special planned for the public debut of the new XF model. The luxury marque announced that it would be driving the car across two 34mm-diameter wires suspended high above the Thames River. And the car, piloted by British stunt driver Jim Dowdall managed it. According to Jaguar, the 240m that the car traveled is a world record for a car driving across suspended wires. Even with the specially grooved wheels and Jaguar-branded counterweight, we can't help but think that the ride must've had Dowdall's adrenalin spiking. Even for someone...

  • Jaguar unveils fresh teaser images of new XF

    Jaguar has given the world a glimpse of what the new XF will look like ahead of its launch at the New York Auto Show. Along with a couple of teaser images, the British marque has promised a pretty epic promotional stunt to launch the new car. According to Jaguar, Londoners will be able to see British stuntman Jim Dowdall perform the world's longest high-wire water crossing on 24 March. As part of the crossing, the car will drive across two 34mm-diameter wires, something which Jaguar says is designed to show off the "lightweight and agile credentials" of the...

  • Jaguar confirms it’ll be building F-Pace crossover

    Jaguar has confirmed that it'll be putting a crossover based on the C-X17 concept car into production and is targeting a 2016 launch. The luxury marque says that the car, which will be called the F-Pace, is set to be loaded with technology and innovations. Inspired by the F-Type, the five-seater crossover will come with all-wheel drive and Jaguar's All-Surface Progress Control technology. According to Jaguar director of design Ian Callum, the F-Pace "represents a perfectly judged balance of performance, style and practicality. It offers a unique combination of Jaguar sports car inspired exterior design, fused beautifully with a...

  • Here’s the Jaguar XE in all its glory [Gallery]

    The good people at Jaguar are probably nursing some monumental hangovers right now, following the launch of the XE, a muscular saloon aimed squarely at the best Germany has to offer. If early indications are anything to by, those hangovers are pretty well-deserved too. The XE comes packaged with a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 apparently capable of getting from 0 to 100km/h in around five seconds. Linked to that engine is an eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift controls, something that's not nearly as off-putting as it once was. In terms of its future plans, the XE is actually...

  • Jaguar’s trying to build an in-car infotainment system that doesn’t actually suck

    Things are looking decidedly more geeky at Jaguar, with the British car-maker announcing a completely new infotainment system and a raft of new technologies for the new XE. It'll be the former that's likely to prick most people's curiosity as they have a habit of being incredibly annoying. According to Jag, the new infotainment system is designed to be as intuitive as possible and provide quick, easy access to all features and functions. Despite the fact that it centers around an eight-inch touchscreen, Jaguar plans to provide this access by ensuring that people can access any function they need...

  • Jaguar is finally building the lightweight E-Type that should have always been

    Tell someone that the original Jaguar E-Type is one of the most beautiful cars ever made and just about the only argument you'll get is from people who insist that it is the most beautiful car ever made. Period. Thing is, there was supposed to be a lighter, sportier version of Jaguar's iconic two-seater. The British company originally intended to build 18, but ended up only making 12 prototypes. Well, now it's finally ready to make the final six. Although Jaguar has hardly kept its intentions for the new E-Type a secret, it is nice to be able to...

  • Team Sky shows us where you put the bicycles on your Jag F Type coupe

    “Where do I put my bicycles?” Not really a question you’d hear from a prospective Jag F-Type owner who also has a penchant for the two-wheeled, self propelled type pastime which is all the rage nowadays (you'd assume they had a second, slightly more practical vehicle for such things). It's a question that has nonetheless been solved by Jaguar who also happen to be the long time team partner of Team Sky, who also happens to be competing in the Tour de France, which is on right now...hmm convenient. The unique F-TYPE concept car is based on the F-TYPE R Coupé ...

  • Jaguar XE all-aluminium super saloon set for September launch

    Following the announcement of their arcade-like driver's assistant, Jaguar has spilt a few more blueprints of their latest sports saloon, announcing the technology and the launch date for its upcoming X-TYPE replacement. Although Jaguar flaunted the XE for the first time at March's Geneva Motor Show, the company has finally provided details of the innovations the car will harbour. Jaguar, continuing their obsession with lightweight materials, have engineered a completely fresh aluminium monocoque, while the suspension comes courtesy of its F-TYPE roadster (front) and a newly developed Integral Link at the rear (akin to the new Mustang). Judging by the setup, the...

  • Jaguar Land Rover flaunts self-learning personal assistant for future cars

    Jaguar Land Rover has been undergoing some major changes recently. After bring bought out by Tata Motors in 2008, the company has been releasing a steady stream of exciting cars and technologies. It has now announced another system, this time a "self-learning intelligent" digital assistant for its future cars. The wizards from Whitley developing the system aim to reduce overall driver distraction caused by fiddling with unimportant settings in the car. Future Jaguars and Land Rovers will recognise the driver, learn their driving style and preferences, predict their likely driving routine factoring in weather and date variables, and connect to...

  • E-Type reborn: Jaguar to complete its 50-year-old promise

    In 1963, Jaguar planned to build 18 "Lightweight E" E-types, but for reasons unknown the company only made 12. To remedy this grave indiscretion, the automaker has announced plans to construct the remaining six vehicles to the exact original specifications, nearly 50 years later. There's no information of what these pieces of history will cost, but considering the original vehicles with proven racetrack pedigree can fetch up to US$6.7 million each, we reckon a seven-digit price tag. The "2014" Jaguar E-type lightweights will stay true to the original design specs, from the spiritual home Coventry-based Browns Lane factory, to the handcrafted...

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