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Mercedes Benz

  • Merc lets us take a peek at the gorgeous new S Class Coupé [gallery]

    Last year Mercedez-Benz introduced us to its brand new S-Class and while it's packed to the hilt with cool tech, it only really makes sense if you've got a family or enjoy being driven around by a chap in a suit who goes by "James" whatever his actual name is. That's one reason the new S Class Coupé is so appealing. The other is that it looks absolutely flipping astonishing. The two-door ultra Merc doesn't just scream "you've arrived" it also says "and you've managed to do so without picking up a belly and a couple of kids along...

  • Merc decides to let its cars play nicely with Pebble smartwatch

    Good news for the very small portion of the population that drives a Mercedes-Benz and owns a Pebble smartwatch. Your two (undoubtedly prized) possessions can now play nicely together. The German manufacturer built a dedicated app for the watch, following its earlier launch of a Google Glass app. Both of these are clear signs that, rather than trying to build wearables to play nicely with its own infotainment systems Merc is trying to tailor for customers who already have high-end devices in the emergent field. Its partnership with Pebble does however seem to go a little further than most...

  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class shows off its techie features

    Mercedes-Benz has revealed official photographs of its fourth-generation C-Class ahead of the planned public unveiling at the Detroit motor show set for next month with a bunch of tech-savvy features. The C-Class is said to be more luxurious and positioned further away from the new entry-level CLA sedan with up-scaled overall design and greater focus on interior design. “In all, the perceived quality of the new C-class feels like an upgrade to a higher class of travel,” Mercedes-Benz said in a statement. The new C-Class will be produced in a four different bodystyles including the sedan featured in the photos of...

  • Is the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo the best reason for buying GT6?

    So, Sony has released the PlayStation 4 and judging by the sales (over one-million units in 24 hours), its proving to be quite popular. Personally though, I’m a little more excited about Gran Turismo 6, due for release in early December. Gran Turismo, the best driving simulator on the planet? You bet, and version 6 promises to be the best yet. Chief among the long list of reasons to get on the waiting list for GT6 is none other than the opportunity to get your racing mitts wrapped around the steering wheel of this Merc beauty, well figuratively at least....

  • The 2014 S Class: Merc takes car tech to the next level

    Many adjectives come to mind when describing the Mercedes Benz S-Class. Many of them I have used in the past, like luxurious, lush, refined, powerful even and of course expensive. However if there was one that -- perhaps nowadays is slightly overlooked only because we’ve become accustomed to it -- which could accurately describe the S-Class, it is technologised. Now you may chuckle and say, “Sir, you made that word up, it does not exist!” however according to my trusty dictionary app it does: ‘technologised’ is -- verb (used with object) 1. To make technological; to modernise or modify with...

  • Meet the 2014 Mercedes S Class

    When it comes to car tech, the Mercedes S Class has been setting the bench mark for years now. Unveiled at an event in Hamburg, it looks like the 2014 edition of Merc's luxury sedan is no different. On the inside, it's packed full of gadgets, including large twin screens on the instrument panel and center dash, massage seats based on hot stone technology and 'thermo-cupholders', designed to keep your hot cup of coffee well, hot as you glide gracefully to your next executive appointment. The outside meanwhile is decked out with full LED lighting designed to complement the...

  • New Mercedes S-Class packs in the safety tech

    Luxury is always a top priority with Mercedes, particularly with the S-Class, and with the Ghost as a benchmark of sorts, you can expect nothing short of exorbitant, leather-seat smelling opulence. And for the true drivers who care not for what people think, Mercedes is even making a convertible version so they can put themselves under exhibition. A mostly autonomous system This will be the first ever autonomous vehicle produced for the public, beating Google and those Oxford guys to the punch. Or does it? While this system is the next step in the completely automatic vehicle, following acts like cruise...

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