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  • Dragon Drive! Messaging lands in BMW 7 and 3 series

    Eat this Siri. The BMW 2012 Series 7 and 3 luxury vehicles are going to land Dragon Drive! by Nuance. This means texting, emailing and whatever else, made possible with slick voice control. Cars included in the mix: BMW 7 Series, BMW 3 Series Touring and BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid vehicles. Dragon Drive! Messaging leaked out in May, with the BMW's being the first cars to receive this hopefully well-honed system. What do Beemer drivers get for their money? How about "a fully-integrated mobile assistant messaging experience that lets drivers speak, listen, edit and respond to text messages...

  • Sleek, beautiful, but totally useless — Nissan’s Batmobile: the DeltaWing

    Nissan is set to enter the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours with the most extreme iteration of a racer that motorsport has seen in recent memory. If you are a regular viewer of Top Gear then you'll be familiar with Jeremy Clarkson’s experiences with the Reliant Robin, the three-wheeled car that continuously fell over around corners. The same logic should apply to the DeltaWing, Nissan's futuristic take on a Le Mans Prototype race car. It's extremely narrow front end suggests that cornering would not be its forte, but Nissan has created the seemingly impossible. Against all known physics and...

  • Tesla S to launch late June

    I love cars, always have. But there's no getting around the fact the series of controlled explosions driving most of them is getting a bit long in the tooth. I mean you can stuff them as full of tech as you want, but it'd be stretching it a bit to call petrol cars 'gadgets'. The real innovation is happening in electric cars (no I'm not talking about things like the vile Gee-Wiz). Companies like Tesla are making electric cars that are simple to use, look good and (mostly) just work. Sounds a lot like Apple, doesn't it? If you accept...

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