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  • Ford launches developer programme to bring more apps to Sync [CES]

    Ford is taking its car tech quite seriously and the Detroit-based motoring giant wants you to have more fun in your vehicle. At CES, the company announced its new initiative, a developer programme for its in-car system Sync. This programme will allow developers to build apps for its Sync enable cars, currently the car-maker has added apps like Pandora and Google maps but it wants to expand the scope of the system,...

  • Tesla Motors unveils supercharger network

    If this works it could be the biggest revolution in motoring since someone looked at a horse and thought "I can do better than that". Electric car company Tesla has unveiled a network of superchargers that will allow people driving its Model S sedan to fill up with juice in minutes rather than hours. The company, owned by billionaire innovator Elon Musk, reckons that half an hour on one of the superchargers see a car's battery reach a half-full charge. It claims that this should give drivers "150 miles of range with our 85 kWh battery". According to Tesla: Supercharging...

  • 6 one-of-a-kind Ferraris you’ll never own

    So yet another of the ridiculously rich has decided that a standard Ferrari just isn't enough. To commemorate, I have accumulated the best that Ferrari has built, most of which has come out of its fabulous Special Projects division, hence the ever-present SP in some of the names. The beauty above, though -- built by Pininfarina, not Ferrari -- is what started most of the one-off Ferrari dreams. Arya SP The newest project for Ferrari's Special Projects division is for Cheerag Arya, a UAE-based Indian businessman. He already has 7 Ferraris in his garage, but not one with his name on...

  • Share a car with BMW’s DriveNow programme

    Attempting to produce a programme where people share cars, BMW has developed an electric 1 Series and a program in which people can book a car and drive it for the day, all for a nominal fee. If you are 21 and have a smartphone, you can book it via an app and a membership card. There will be 14 DriveNow stations all around San Francisco, acting as the initial city for the programme, and BMW wants to expand it to 100 stations after not long. Members only have to book a car online using the app and go...

  • Dragon Drive! Messaging lands in BMW 7 and 3 series

    Eat this Siri. The BMW 2012 Series 7 and 3 luxury vehicles are going to land Dragon Drive! by Nuance. This means texting, emailing and whatever else, made possible with slick voice control. Cars included in the mix: BMW 7 Series, BMW 3 Series Touring and BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid vehicles. Dragon Drive! Messaging leaked out in May, with the BMW's being the first cars to receive this hopefully well-honed system. What do Beemer drivers get for their money? How about "a fully-integrated mobile assistant messaging experience that lets drivers speak, listen, edit and respond to text messages...

  • Sleek, beautiful, but totally useless — Nissan’s Batmobile: the DeltaWing

    Nissan is set to enter the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours with the most extreme iteration of a racer that motorsport has seen in recent memory. If you are a regular viewer of Top Gear then you'll be familiar with Jeremy Clarkson’s experiences with the Reliant Robin, the three-wheeled car that continuously fell over around corners. The same logic should apply to the DeltaWing, Nissan's futuristic take on a Le Mans Prototype race car. It's extremely narrow front end suggests that cornering would not be its forte, but Nissan has created the seemingly impossible. Against all known physics and...

  • Tesla S to launch late June

    I love cars, always have. But there's no getting around the fact the series of controlled explosions driving most of them is getting a bit long in the tooth. I mean you can stuff them as full of tech as you want, but it'd be stretching it a bit to call petrol cars 'gadgets'. The real innovation is happening in electric cars (no I'm not talking about things like the vile Gee-Wiz). Companies like Tesla are making electric cars that are simple to use, look good and (mostly) just work. Sounds a lot like Apple, doesn't it? If you accept...

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