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  • Is the new Volvo V60 spot the weirdest car ad ever made?

    There are a couple of strategies you can take if you're going to make a car advert: seeping shots of the car in a dramatic vista is one option, light-hearted whimsy surrounding kids and/or animals is another. If you're the person behind the latest spot for the Volvo V60 though, you apparently completely ignore those options and then make an ad based on your flu-induced fever dreams. The two-minute video is apparently meant to be focused on design, but you'll probably spend more time thinking about the nonsensical narrator, the cat decals covering the windows and whether the guy...

  • The Volvo V40 Cross Country T5 AWD: wave goodbye to Mr Tweed

    There was a time when Volvo cars were driven by aging men in tweed jackets, who usually owned more than one long haired dog, and for whom vehicular practicality far outweighed any notion of style. Their favourite weapon of choice was, of course, their trusty station wagon. Thankfully someone lit a fire under Volvo’s design team recently and I’m fairly sure should Mr Tweed cast a bespectacled eye over the current Volvo range...well, let’s just hope he’s sitting down. So offending our grandparents and parents is part of the plan at Volvo? Well, yes and no. Of course Volvo doesn’t want...

  • The Volvo XC90 interior screams Swedish luxury

    It's not often that we put up a gallery consisting almost entirely of shots of a car's interior, but Volvo is making a big deal about the new XC90's and we can see why. The Swedish manufacturer claims that it's developed its most luxurious ever interior...for an SUV. That's right, it's apparently expended more effort than at any other time in its existence on a car segment that most typically associate with ferrying children to and from school. According to Volvo, the interior is inspired by its native Sweden and no, that doesn't mean you need to assemble it...

  • Volvos of the future could come with an F1 style KERS system

    The introduction of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) added a whole new dimension to Formula One racing and, if Volvo is to be believed, it could soon appear in passenger vehicles. The system will apparently add around 80bhp under acceleration and could save as much as 25% in fuel economy. According to Car and Driver, the system has already been tested on public roads in the UK and Sweden and is being positioned as offering “a lightweight, financially viable, and very efficient solution.” The technology is part of the company's Drive E powertrain research and makes more sense than...

  • Volvo wants to stick magnets in the road to aid autonomous driving

    Volvo's got a new solution for autonomous driving and it's got nothing to do with cameras or clever geo-positioning. Nope, what the Swedish car maker is hoping to do, is stick magnets in the road. According to Volvo, which recently completed a trial using the technology, embedded magnets could go a long way to making autonomous driving safer. You can see where it's coming from too. Reliable and highly accurate positioning is one of the crucial issues in the development of self-driving cars. After all, there's not much point to a car being able to steer itself if it...

  • Volvo’s new ‘human machine interface’ is pretty much a tablet in your centre console

    Say hello to the "human machine interface" that will grace future Volvos (starting with the upcoming XC90). If you're looking at your screen, disappointed at the fact that it pretty much appears to be a tablet and not something out the latest Iron Man movie, don't worry, we feel your pain. According to Volvo, the touch screen is meant to simplify and enhance the way drivers operate their cars by replacing the traditional selection of buttons and controls in the centre stack with one "clean and sleek control panel". According to the Swedish car maker, the system also borrows a...

  • Volvo reportedly prepping 100-car strong autonomous driving trial

    We all know Volvo doesn't really muck about when it comes to making sure its cars are safe. Small wonder then that the Swedish manufacturer is behind what is set to be the world's first large-scale autonomous driving experiment. Known officially as the “Drive me—Self-driving cars for sustainable mobility,” the project is a collaboration between Volvo, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency, Lindholmen Science Park, and the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Kicking off in 2014, it won't take the form of a one-off event either. That makes sense, given that it's meant to help pin-point the social benefits...

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme makes Volvo trucks cool: here’s the tech that allowed him to do it

    "The Muscles from Brussels,” Jean-Claude Van Damme recently starred in a YouTube advertisement for Volvo Trucks. In doing so, he made Volvo the coolest manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles in the World. The video, viewable below, sees Jean-Cleaude Van Damme (JCVD) standing on the mirrors of two Volvo FM trucks, reversing down a runway. As the dialogue unfolds, the trucks move apart and JCVD keeps his feet planted on the mirrors until he is in a full split between the two moving trucks. Accompanied by a rather interesting soundtrack from Enya, the final spectacle is rather special to watching, giving...

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