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Cool Concepts

  • Koenigsegg’s crazy new camshaft-free engine tech

    When one of the big car manufacturers comes out with a new technology, you don’t really bat an eye; it happens all the time, and with much accompanying media hype. But Koenigsegg, a small and wonderful Swedish supercar maker, has envisioned something truly revolutionary; and this from a company that builds only a handful of cars each year. You have to love Koenigsegg. The owner, Christian von Koenigsegg first started his venture at the ridiculous age of 22, and now builds some of the most manic and fastest cars every made. Now, though, he is taking the next step to...

  • Cadillac ATC: all the smartphone you’ll ever need…in a car

    Although just a concept car at this stage, the Cadillac ATC is a prospective look into the future of mobile communication. But we have mobile computing already don't we? Yes, but we are talking about a "smartcar", not a smartphone or tablet. Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the car is basically a smartphone on wheels. And if you think about it, it was always going to happen some or other time. Using the Cadillac ATS as a base model, the car is equipped with a 4G LTE connection from AT&T complete with the 4G AT&T logo on the...

  • Acura invents space-age car welding techniques ‘3D Lock Seam’

    Sometimes it's the small things that make big waves, like a small meteor smashing into an ocean. Acura has developed a new welding technique for its cars that, while seemingly insignificant, has major implications towards how it will build and develop its cars in the future. Hopefully it will also transfer to Acura's dad, Honda, in the years to come. If you've never heard of Acura, that's no real surprise. As Lexus is to Toyota, Acura is to Honda, acting as its luxury brand, but limited to North America and Hong Kong. So you might actually recognise a few of...

  • 8 of the geekiest and most exciting supercars of 2013

    The state of the global economy has had the entire world shaken up. People have been saying horrific things like, "The day of the supercar is over." Well I can tell you that a day may come when the world has no more eccentric, adrenaline pumping cars, but it is not this day. This year will see some of the most highly anticipated cars in some time, as well as something gangster from the East. Here is a taste of some of the most exciting cars that will grace the face of the planet this year. McLaren P1C Try to contain...

  • Foldable car from MIT and Spain set for 2013 launch

    Is the Smart Fortwo too big for you? Are you having trouble finding a parking in the heavily congested city you call home? MIT has decided to solve this problem. With help from Basque businesses and the Spanish government, MIT has developed an affordable foldable car to combat city congestion. There are many city-cars about these days to fight the good fight, but none that have the capability to minimise. It's a great trick, and makes parking spaces especially easy to find. Once you're ready to park after a leisurely drive, the back end slides up into the front, making it...

  • Tata Airpod, a compressed air powered car

    The world's oil supply is diminishing and car manufacturers are hard-pressed to find a sustainable and viable alternative power source. Tata, an Indian car company, has scoffed at the idea of hydrogen and electric vehicles and built, instead, a compressed air powered car, the Airpod. Tata is using technology developed by Luxembourg's MDI to build a small, one seater car that is capable of speeds from 45-70kph. It has a tank of compressed air on board that powers the engine and can be pumped in through a charging station or can be taken in by an electric motor whilst driving....

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