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  • Watch Mark Higgins slash his Isle of Man TT record in a Subaru Impreza [video]

    Update: Although a video of Mark Higgins' record-setting run around the Isle of Man TT circuit was released before, motorsport fans have been eagerly awaiting a full video. Finally, Subaru has released a 22 minute-long, uncut video featuring Higgins' incredible car handling skills, a wonderful roaring Subaru Impreza STi and turn-by-turn commentary from the driver himself. To truly understand just how immense his time was, one need only view the unadulterated video below. http://youtu.be/t7gmbQ8KxM4 Although the Norschleife and Circuit de la Sarthe often top the "scariest circuits in the world" list, the Snaefell Mountain Course on the hills of the Isle...

  • 5 Formula One editions of road cars that look absolutely spectacular

    Despite a number of controversial rule changes over the past few years, Formula One is still pretty much seen as the peak of motor racing. And while that may someday change, for now it still makes a lot of sense. Unlike a number of other racing formats, F1 has the advantage of a long and storied history, races in exotic locations and, perhaps most importantly, a whole load of money. Small wonder then that the motoring manufacturers who take part in the championship occasionally like to remind their ordinary customers of the fact. There's no guarantee that these F1-themed...

  • Formula E is not the environmentally-friendly racing series we were hoping for, but it’s a start

    Let's not fool ourselves. Although I hate to knock it before its first race, Formula E really is no greener than it's petroleum-based cousins. The Formula E cars once racing will emit no carbon emissions, but that's just on the track. The series's trailer frustrates me the most. The stock footage of an unspoilt earth, people frolicking in fields and wind turbines gently twirling in the breeze suggests that Formula E is the motorsport that will change everything. If it is purporting to be a green series, its not only fooling itself but the public as well. Even though its...

  • Porsche’s most advanced engine ever is set to challenge Audi at Le Mans

    Porsche has released details of its Le Mans LMP1-specification engine that will compete in one of motorsport's most renowned races this coming July. The power unit is Porsche's most advanced yet and certainly one of the most efficient it has ever made. The Porsche 919's 2.0-litre turbocharged V4 engine is aided by a KERS system that recovers energy from the front axle, and a ERS system that uses exhaust gases. The energy is stored in batteries and used by an electrical motor, adding 247 horsepower to the petrol engine's 493 horsepower. Incredibly, this combined 740 horsepower power unit is slated...

  • Driving like a Doge: Dogecoin-sponsored NASCAR races at Talladega

    The internet, in more ways than one, is now NASCAR's new best friend. Josh Wise's Dogecar has run its first NASCAR race at the famed Talladega Superspeedway this weekend. Wise's No. 98 car, adorned with Dogecoin's beloved shiba inu on the bonnet and rear bumper, finished a respectable 20th place in the Aaron's 499. Although Wise couldn't quite scratch a win, the internet community and the cryptocurrency's fans must see the achievement as a victory in itself. Wise, prior to Talladega, ran the No. 98 car owned by Phil Parsons Racing team, without a sponsor. This all changed a few weeks...

  • 7 of the best: Ayrton Senna’s most memorable Formula 1 drives

    Where there are great racing cars, like the McLaren MP4/4, there are usually great racing drivers sitting in the driver's seat. There were few greater in the modern era than Ayrton Senna. The late Brazilian is idolised in motorsport folklore and canonised in his homeland, lauded for his phenomenal talent, humble persona, ruthless determination and sheer desire to win. He won 41 races from 161 starts, taking 65 pole positions and earning three World Drivers' Championships. The San Marino GP, 20 years ago, marks the weekend that would change Formula 1 forever -- for the better and the worse. While...

  • The 10 fastest production cars ever to lap the Nürburgring

    If you hold even a passing interest in speed (the rate at which an object moves, not the amphetamine drug), the Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany should need no introduction. But, just in case, we’ll give you some handy background before we kick off our latest list -- only the important bits, mind you. We wouldn’t want to bore you with a sleep-inducing history lesson. The terrifyingly undulating track is considered one of the most demanding in the world. The Nordschleife (or “North Loop”) -- as opposed to the newer, safer circuit updated for Formula One -- was built...

  • 8 legendary, ludicrous and utterly lorn Formula 1 innovations

    Since as far back as the invention of the wheel, humans have felt the need to travel faster and faster, preferably in competition with someone else. In today’s world of Formula 1, this insatiable appetite melds both arcane methods of exploding fossil fuels, extraordinarily talented drivers and bleeding edge technology. Innovations are, and were never too far from the sport. That’s not to say all of these innovations were successful. 1. Life's L190 W12 Engine Life Racing Engine’s 1990 season, for example, was a grave embarrassment. Everything about this team was a failure – from the use of FIRST’s diabolical and cumbersome...

  • 5 cars that changed the face of racing forever

    If there's a way to make something competitive, humans will find it. Take the car for instance. It was pretty much built to stop us from drowning in horse poop, but just a few years of the successful construction of the world's first gasoline-powered automobile, we were racing them. According to the wise minds over at Wikipedia, the Parisian magazine Le Petit Journal organized what is considered to be the world's first motoring competition on 23 July 1894. Since then, racing has taken on a variety of forms, from grand tours across continents, to short sprints on drag strips....

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