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  • Engines: is bigger always better? [Sponsored]

    Which should you choose - petrol or diesel? Is bigger always better and how does it affect you? We can't ignore engine size and fuel type as an important part of deciding what type of car to buy. There's more to this decision than which is cheaper at the pump -- you’re not just considering the effects on your pocket, but also the environmental impact. Here's a quick look at engine size and diesel vs petrol to help you decide: Engine size The price you'll be paying for your car is largely affected by the size of what's beneath the bonnet -- so think carefully before...

  • What innovation really means for business [SPONSORED]

    Innovation, like any good words appropriated too many times for too many purposes, has become something of a cliché, says Adam Oxford of htxt.africa, a company looking to claim back the word by inspiring action. We might understand innovation better “if we could define it a little more clearly”, says Oxford, htxt.africa’s editor in chief. That’s easier said than done, but one simple definition comes from WeThinkCode’s Camille Agon, who believes "innovation is finding solutions to problems". WeThinkCode is a new peer-to- peer tech institution that opened in South Africa in 2016. It aims to identify and train people between the ages of 17 and 35...

  • Did you know these neat tech features are in the new Astra? [Sponsored]

    We've already looked at its drastic weight cut and the practical safety features, but the new Opel Astra packs far more punch than that. In fact, the new car is bristling with high-tech tools so we looked at a few of the more prominent cutting-edge features. Who knew a camera could do this? The Opel Eye is essentially a front-facing camera that looks out onto the road ahead, but why would you want this sort of thing in your car? For starters, the Opel Eye is capable of reading traffic signs, warning you about speed limits and no-passing zones by displaying them in the instrument panel. The...

  • Did you know these cool safety features are in the new Opel Astra? [Sponsored]

    The latest model in Opel's long-running Astra range is one very lightweight vehicle, seeing between 120 and 200 kilograms of weight saved in some rather smart ways. That doesn't mean the car skimps on safety though, as the German marque has managed to include quite a few interesting features in this regard. We take a look at some of the intriguing ways that Opel's new Astra improves your safety. The bread and butter The car has a few fundamental safety features that you might take for granted nowadays - but they're no less important anyway. There are six airbags and six crash sensors, as well as an ISOFIX-standardised child seat system...

  • Just how did Opel shave up to 200kgs off the new Astra? [Sponsored]

    The latest Astra has quite a few interesting features, but Opel has also touted its much-reduced weight, claiming to cut up between 120 and 200 kilograms from the new car (depending on the model). The result is improved fuel economy and comfort as well as a better driving experience, the company said. How exactly did the German automaker manage to shave this much weight from the vehicle though? Fortunately, Opel shed some light on this for us... Where did all the savings come from? For starters, a new manufacturing process and the use of "high and ultra-high strength steel" resulted in 77 kilograms being shed. This accounted for the...

  • 7 awesome gadgets for your next road trip

    R&D departments across the world are filled to the brim with prototypes of the car of the future, and manufacturers working on the next step in the evolution of cars. Self-driven cars, flying cars, accident prevention systems and advanced tracking systems are some of the things to expect from the cars of the future. Companies like Google are also getting in on the action with speculation of Google self-driven cars possibly hitting the mass market as early as 2019. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; there are apps and gadgets available today, which can transform your car into...

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