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  • Limpopo man’s homebrewed roadster is SA’s prettiest, frostiest custom car

    If you don't know too much about cars, don't worry, you don't really have to for this story. But you should appreciate this one man's dream of building his own sports car, and actually doing it. And not just any sports car, mind. It's what Frankenstein would build if he was head of the Corvette design team. Is this a bad thing? No, not really. And especially not if you're Moses Ngobeni, the resident Dr. Frankenstein and owner of this car who lives in Limpopo, South Africa. On the road to building his dream machine, Ngobeni sank around R200 000 into...

  • Driving a Seat Cupra 290 on a disused oval is not for the meek [video]

    Driving a road car around a famed racing oval is every petrol heads idea of a good weekend, but what if that oval has been abandoned for more than half a century? This is what CarThrottle's Matt Robinson did at the Seat Cupra 290 launch. The venue was the Autodromo Sitges-Terramar, Barcelona. The driver in charge was ex-WTCC racer Jordi Gene. And well, the oval surface was about as bumpy as you can imagine. The concrete circuit hosted one Grand Prix in 1923, but apart from a few minor races after that, the track's been lying dormant since, and largely intact. Eventually...

  • Watch this bonkers GoPro footage of Ken Block in SA

    Hear at Motorburn, we love us some Ken Block. We love him even more when he makes a video in our own back yard. And that's exactly what he did, with the help of GoPro, when he was performing at Clarkson, Hammond, and May Live a few months back. While Block is the named star of the video, it actually features some other petrol-fueled lunatics doing awesome things on four -- and sometimes two -- wheels. Check it out:

  • Volvo’s planning to top its ‘Epic Split’ stunt

    When Volvo teamed up with action star Jen Claudde van Damme for its "Epic Split" stunt back in 2013, it did more to make trucks cool than, well, anyone in history. Now the team behind that stunt is back with a very tough truck...and a small child. In a press release sent to Motorburn, Volvo says its next Live Test "exposes the Volvo FMX construction truck to the ultimate challenge". "We have launched a number of new functions for the Volvo FMX during the last year that help make the truck unbeatable with regard to strength and traction. To...

  • Range Rover’s 45th birthday gift to itself? A drive across a paper bridge

    Is it just me or is everyone going a bit nutty for paper these days. We've had a cardboard Lexus, an origami Nissan Juke, and now a Range Rover driving across a bridge made entirely of paper. The stunt, performed in Suzhou China, was orchestrated as part of the luxury marque's 45th birthday celebrations. "Paper structures capable of supporting people have been built before but nothing on this scale has ever been attempted," said artist and paper bridge designer, Steve Messam. "It's pushing engineering boundaries, just like the Range Rover, and the ease and composure with which the vehicle...

  • Euro NCAP now test’s how well your car’s pedestrian detection tech works

    Car makers are investing plenty of time and money into technologies that not only make the occupants of their vehicles safer but those around them too. That's why Euro NCAP, a European safety organisation and recognised authority on car safety has begun testing the performance of pedestrian detection technologies. According to the organisation, the "tests will make it simpler for consumers and manufacturers to find out which systems work best". Euro NCAP says it will test vehicles’ response to pedestrians in simulations of the three most common urban scenarios: adults walking and running into the vehicle’s path and a child...

  • Ex-Stig says Ford Mustang is best stunt car of all time

    Ben Collins is probably best known for spending a number of years as The Stig on Top Gear, but he's also one of the world's best stunt drivers, having worked on numerous Hollywood blockbusters including Batman, Fast & Furious and the latest James Bond movies. His new film, called Ben Collins: Stunt Driver, combines those two aspects of his career and sees Collins embark on a 48 hour quest to find the world's ultimate stunt car. Narrative isn't terribly important in this kind of film so we have no problem revealing that the Ford Mustang fastback -- powered by a...

  • New campaign aims to bring a little fun to the car-rental space

    Car rentals can be a complete pain in the arse, you only have to look at the people queuing up for cars at the airport to know that. But one car company is looking to change that by urging its customers to actually get out and have a bit of fun. The ad, from South African company Bidvest Car Rental, tries to get customers to see the car rental process through the eyes of a child. As the ad's 'Kid-President'-esque protagonist says at one point: "It shouldn't be called the weekend, it should be called the WEEK-GINNING!" Check it out:...

  • Nissan builds Origami Juke to celebrate model’s 5th birthday

    A little while ago we told you about the cardboard IS Sedan replica built for Lexus. Well now Nissan has one-upped its Japanese rival by building a full-scale origami replica of the Juke. The Origami Juke, built by British artist Owen Gildersleeve, was put together to celebrate the model's fifth birthday. According to a press release issued by Nissan, the replica Juke took more than 200 hours to put together and saw Gildersleeve fold more than 2 000 pieces of paper. When the original Juke launched in 2010, it helped create a new "compact crossover" market segment. Since then,...

  • Here’s what you can expect from Formula E 2015/2016

    The first season of Formula E was one of the most hotly contested racing series of the year. While it'll be some time before the new format captures the kind of audiences Formula 1 has, it's clear that it very definitely has mass appeal. It's interesting then that the organisers have made a number of tweaks ahead of the new season. While not all of them will have complete fan buy-in, we're pretty sure that people will be fans of the fact that teams can now develop their own powertrains, meaning that each car will have its own unique...

  • Ken Block’s new toy is a glorious 1978 Ford Escort [video]

    The Ford Escort is a powerful name in motorsport folklore after it set the hearts and minds of working class petrolheads ablaze in the late seventies, while capturing the imagination of World Rally Championship fans in the same era. Today, the car received yet another hat tip, this time from Ken Block. Hoonigan Industries today announced that his new Gymkhana ride will be a 1978 Mk2 Ford Escort, which could be his most entertaining ride to date. It's his first with rear-wheel only drive (others sporting easier-to-handle all-wheel drive) and boasts around 333bhp on tap from a 2.5-litre four cylinder engine that...

  • Student-built drifting DeLorean is the best way to celebrate ‘Back to the Future Day’

    What happens when you set a team from Stanford University's Revs Centre loose on an old DeLorean? Sheer unadulterated awesomeness, apparently. Dubbed The MARTY (Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control), the project saw the team making massive changes to the original DeLorean including giving it the ability to drive itself. In order to so, a number of features were modernised and modified with a power-steering motor and rack among the features added. Once they'd done so, they took MARTY out on the track and proceeded to do some pretty sick doughnuts. Why's that necessary? Well,...

  • Audi reckons its A3 E-Tron brings a dose of bad-ass to green motoring

    The idea that all Toyota Prius drivers are smug, suburban armahair eco-warriors is a well-established one. Successful as the Prius was at launching the idea of hybrids into the mainstream consciousness, that image didn't exactly aid their appeal among petrolheads. That's why so many other car manufacturers have tried to position their hybrid offerings as not being like the Prius. The latest to do so is Audi in an ad which doesn't just take the mickey out of the Prius and its drivers, but actively taunts them. Check it out:

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