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  • Jean-Claude Van Damme makes Volvo trucks cool: here’s the tech that allowed him to do it

    "The Muscles from Brussels,” Jean-Claude Van Damme recently starred in a YouTube advertisement for Volvo Trucks. In doing so, he made Volvo the coolest manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles in the World. The video, viewable below, sees Jean-Cleaude Van Damme (JCVD) standing on the mirrors of two Volvo FM trucks, reversing down a runway. As the dialogue unfolds, the trucks move apart and JCVD keeps his feet planted on the mirrors until he is in a full split between the two moving trucks. Accompanied by a rather interesting soundtrack from Enya, the final spectacle is rather special to watching, giving...

  • Think Google’s winning at autonomous cars? Check out these driverless mining trucks

    Over the years, a lot of fuss has been made over Google's autonomous vehicle programme. Rightly so too, but the truth is we're still a little way away from fully autonomous passenger vehicles. One thing that most stories tend to ignore though is the fact that autonomous vehicles operating in a number of spaces. One of the earliest sectors of the economy to benefit from autonomous vehicles was agriculture. Increasingly though, they're having an impact on the mining sector. The benefits are obvious: without people in or around the vehicle the mine can operate more safely as there's no...

  • Uber-expensive Ferrari Enzo gets down and dirty on YouTube

    Tax The Rich, a group of YouTubers who seem to have sprung out from the dirty farming corner of Anonymous, have used a Ferrari Enzo for rallying purposes across a farm in this, its latest posting. A dirty Enzo? Rallying through mud and dirt on a farm road? Sounds like heaven... Although the traditional stuck-up owners of these cars would probably relate that an Enzo was not made for that, the question this group is asking, is why not? Just like Jay Kay, Jamiroquai front man, speed freak and collector of exotic cars, the group seem to say that these cars...

  • 3-wheel cars cool enough to dump the fourth

    The saying "less is more" is being used in a different light in the motoring world. A few manufacturers have been messing around with three-wheeled vehicles for a few years now with varied success. Although not a new idea, it is one that has been growing in interest. Who wouldn't want the excitement and practicality of a motorcycle (or lack thereof) fused with the comfort of a car? Morgan 3-Wheeler When I say...

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