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  • This Mini Cooper is faster around the Nordschliefe than a Pagani Zonda [video]

    We simply love the Nordschliefe here at Motorburn. The Nurburgring's legendary iteration scared the hell out of the bravest racing drivers on the planet, and challenged the very core ideals of racing. It's also one ridiculously long, bumpy and strenuous ribbon of German tarmac. So when a Mini Cooper (you know, that tiny little city car) breaks a front-wheel drive record at the Green Hell, a few heads are turned. This heavily tuned Mini John Cooper Works edition lapped the Nordschliefe in 7:44 -- that's over 15km, 150 turns in less time than an Audi R8 V10 and, perhaps more embarrassingly,...

  • Driver sliding Fangio’s C Type around Monaco will leave your heart in your throat

    When you see old cars on display in a museum or at an event, it's easy to forget that they're machines that are meant to be driven and are still capable of providing as many thrills now as they were the day they rolled off the factory floor. Thank goodness then, for events like the Monaco Historique. Without it, the world would be robbed of the privilege of seeing videos like the one below, which shows Nissan GT Academy driver Alex Buncombe throwing Juan Manuel Fangio's Jaguar C-Type around the Monaco street track. The footage, while shot with...

  • McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and Ducati 1199 Superleggera fight for quarter mile supremacy [video]

    I'm sure we all have that perfect drag race laid out in our heads. My favourite involves an LMP1 car, a Formula 1 car and a MotoGP machine, but the chaps over at Autocar were a little more realistic. They roped in the world's current hypercar extraordinaires -- the Porsche's 918 hybrid, McLaren's P1 hybrid and Ducati's ultra-exclusive 1199 Superleggera superbike against the quarter-mile clock. The publication allegedly reached out to Ferrari to include its LaFerrari in the race, but the Italian marque declined to provide a car. It does however, sound like a foregone conclusion right? I mean, the McLaren...

  • Lunatic duck-dives his Vauxhaul off a truck to evade parking ticket [video]

    It resembles a skit from a prank show, but this video is completely real. It is not one of those where a friend calls a show and asks them to tow your car for no apparent reason, but to amuse themselves and the viewers. What then ensues is an intense argument between you and a ridiculously unreasonable tow-truck driver. You'll likely get angry and threaten to punch him and at which point, you will be told to look at the cameraman, who in turn, tells you that you've just been pranked. In this video, none of that happens. The events that...

  • Classic car collector buys Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Charger [video]

    Dominic Toretto. Does the name ring a few bells? It should, because he owned one of Hollywood's sexiest cars in The Fast and the Furious. The movie, debuting in 2001, caused quite a few waves in the industry due to it's authentic stunt driving (fresh lack of the green-screen rubbish of today) and perhaps the most under appreciated car in move history -- the 1970 Dodge Charger driven by Diesel himself. Bob Hartwig, the man who has a tendency to purchase famous, ridiculous and gorgeous movie muscle cars, decided to burn his wallet on the four-wheeled American dream slathered in black...

  • Nissan GT-R’s rolling launch control brings warp speed to the road [video]

    By now, the world knows how fast the Nissan GT-R is in a straight line, not to mention around the twisties too. And at just US$101 000, it's relatively affordable straight line speed at that. But what's the most impressive tech gizmo behind its brilliance? "Rolling launch control" is a bit of a gimmicky name and doesn't quite come standard on the factory car, but to see it in action is pure theatre. The twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V6 engine is a colossus developing over 540-horsepower, but traditionally, turbocharged cars haven't quite lived up to the hype, due to a number of...

  • Saleen’s Tesla-based Foursixteen punishes tyres like a petrol-burner [video]

    Sadly (for petrol lovers, at least), the sound of that tell-tale electric engine whine will become commonplace on roads of the future. With Formula E giving us a taste of high-pitched motorsport this weekend, we thought it would be nice to showcase Saleen's dressed up, faster and more attractive Tesla Model S -- the Foursixteen. Saleen isn't a company to shy away from making daringly different and face-bending modified versions of others' machinery, and the Tesla Model S is the latest victim. Other cars to make the cut include Chevy's Corvette and the previous generation Mustang, and those we're quite...

  • From dream to nightmare: Max Verstappen crashes on first public F1 outing

    When you're 16, life's pretty strange. You can feel elated and invincible one second and like you want to hide under a rock for all eternity the next. Max Verstappen, who will become Formula One's youngest driver next year, probably knows exactly how that feels. In his case though, that might be more down to the fact that he crashed on his first public outing in an F1 car than his age. During a public appearance in Rotterdam, Verstappen managed a few doughnuts and burnouts before anticlimactically stalling, getting pushed back onto the track by marshals and feebly crashing...

  • Volvo’s XC90 is one extremely tough car to destroy [video]

    We all know that modern cars are safe, and have to be safe, thanks to the strenuous crash and safety tests conducted prior to production. Volvo has kindly uploaded a video of its XC90 being destroyed, to highlight the latest advancements in safety technology. And safety features there are aplenty. In addition to the technology present in the car itself, there is a massively strong frame surrounding the occupants in the event of a crash. The so-called Scalable Product Architecture is lighter and stronger than the older car, but it doesn't mean its worse -- not by any means. It...

  • Amphibious Volvo 240 takes on a lake and wins spectacularly [video]

    We've seen the chaps on Top Gear try their hand at making amphibious vehicles, with hilarious and truly remarkable results. But the cars weren't exactly good on the road, nor on the water. Enter Theon Parseghian's world of waterbourne wonder. The New York native has turned a Volvo 240 estate into a boat with some imagination and serious know-how. Oh, and it works. Flawlessly. Unlike Clarkson's Toyboata (which worked rather well, while it did work), Parseghian's "Evolvo" has an engine mounted where the rear seats should be, which in turn powers a propellar below the craft. It's also completely watertight. And...

  • This video made up of LeMans photos is absolutely gorgeous

    There are certain motoring races that you can't help talking about in hushed, respectful tones. The 24 Hours of LeMans encapsulates that reverence perfectly. But how do you go about capturing the awe-inspiring power of this legendary endurance race? It's no small task, but we think this series of photographs by Camden Thrasher comes pretty darn close. Spliced together into a video, the photographs become absolutely mesmerising and definitely deserve a viewing or three.

  • This Pagani Zonda Tricolore purrs, pounces like an excited kitten [video]

    Let's enjoy petrol cars while they're with us. The Pagani Zonda has had a famed decade-long life filled with super speed runs and wacky aesthetics, but it's time as the alternative Italian supercar king is slowly coming to an end. The Tricolore, however, was the marque's last hoorah for this legendary name and is still setting speedtraps and racer's heart's alight. Built back in 2010 to honour the Italian National Aerobatics Team, and armed with a 670 horsepower Mercedes-AMG V12 engine, the Tricolore accelerates to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds and on to 200km/h in a further 5.2. But all these statistics...

  • Smart ForTwo versus Mercedes S-Class: the ultimate crash test [video]

    Smart's new ForTwo and ForFour are vastly improved over the previous models, both technologically and (definitely) aesthetically. But it can hold its own in collisions with much larger and heavier vehicles as well. Smart and Mercedes engineers recently pitted the 1.1-ton ForTwo city car against a 2.3-ton Mercedes S-Class, in a match that should theoretically, be very one sided. This experiment aimed to research the effects a smaller lighter car will have on a heavier one, and vice versa. The last time these two cars (albeit, previous generations of both models) were smashed into one another, the Smart disintegrated and barrel...

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