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  • Listen to the new AMG GT clear its throat

    The most recent in a series of teaser videos from Mercedes Benz highlighting aspects of the up-and-coming AMG GT has been released. And for technophiles this one provides some juicy noises from twin-turbo V8 set to power the most recent performance car from AMG. A sickle to bow to the SLS hammer? I think not! Rumoured to produce in the region of 375kW and 650Nm, the AMG GT will no doubt be able to hold its own in a shakedown with its older brother the SLS AMG but for now we’ll have to ponder the variety of performance head-to-head tests...

  • Is this the greatest used car ad ever made?

    When most people think about selling their old car, they think about posting ads for it on online classifieds sites, sticking a notice in one of the windows or handing it over to a dealer. Most people aren't David Johns. On Sunday, Johns posted a video to YouTube entitled Buy My Baria in a bid to sell off his Holden Baria hatchback (if you're not Australian, you probably know it better as a Vauxhall/Opel Corsa). This isn't just some guy amateur playing at being a video director though. You see, Johns is the digital director of Australian agency Chimney,...

  • Watch Mark Higgins slash his Isle of Man TT record in a Subaru Impreza [video]

    Update: Although a video of Mark Higgins' record-setting run around the Isle of Man TT circuit was released before, motorsport fans have been eagerly awaiting a full video. Finally, Subaru has released a 22 minute-long, uncut video featuring Higgins' incredible car handling skills, a wonderful roaring Subaru Impreza STi and turn-by-turn commentary from the driver himself. To truly understand just how immense his time was, one need only view the unadulterated video below. http://youtu.be/t7gmbQ8KxM4 Although the Norschleife and Circuit de la Sarthe often top the "scariest circuits in the world" list, the Snaefell Mountain Course on the hills of the Isle...

  • Update: Harley-Davidson has revealed Project Livewire, its first electric motorcycle

    Harley-Davidson, if its latest teaser video is anything to go by, will be unveiling a new electric motorcycle tomorrow. If you thought Bentley's video of its upcoming SUV was coy and unhelpful, wait until you've seen this. The 16 second clip simply dubbed "06.19.14", is about as helpful as a flashlight with flat batteries, but the sound of the two-wheeled machine is what really gives it away. If this is indeed the case, it will be the manufacuturer's first electric motorcycle ever. As it buzzes past the camera focused on a "Route 66" marker, the unmistakable whine of an electric motor...

  • Could technology make car chases obsolete? VW thinks so

    Yes we know, this is the second Volkswagen ad we've featured today but we wouldn't feature it if it wasn't a goodie. Quick, what's the best part of any action movie? If you're on this site, chances are your answer contained just three simple words: the car chase. But what if car chases were suddenly to become a thing of the past? This ad from VW posits that such a future might just be possible, thanks to the anti-collision technology making its way into most contemporary cars. While the ad is obviously just a fun way of showcasing new...

  • The way this VW ad gets its message across will leave you gasping [Video]

    We've seen thought-provoking anti texting and driving ads before, but none with this level of interactivity. The ad, which comes from Volkswagen Hong Kong, saw the company use a location-based broadcaster to simultaneously send a text message to a cinema full of movie-goers while a clip of someone driving plays on the screen. While you're obviously more likely that you'll answer a text in a movie theater than in a car, but the point's well made. Also, please don't answer texts in when you're watching a movie.

  • Bentley shows new SUV is about more than just blasting through dirt

    Bentley's given the world a fresh glance of what its SUV will look like, courtesy of a new teaser video. While you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's like any other teaser video and fails to give you any real clue of what the new SUV will actually look like, the Bentley release actually gives us the clearest look we've had so far at the vehicle, slated for release in 2016. We now know, for instance, that the luxury car maker's quest for speed has seen it include a BMW X6 style roof and an ultra-low ride height. We...

  • Texting and driving? The Danes want you to know you’re killing your kids

    Warning: this video will make you want to go home and hug your children, even if you don't have any. The Danish campaign, which is aimed at getting people in the country to stop texting while they drive, is pretty powerful and, well, we're not sure what else to say. Please just don't text and drive. Think about the kids.

  • Watch Lewis Hamilton take on Ken Block in a slice of motoring Nirvana

    Conventional wisdom says that Rally and Formula One fans are two different breeds. One likes sitting on grandstands all weekend, even when rain threatens to cancel the event, the other likes hanging around forests all weekend, even when rain threatens to make the event unwatchable. But what if there was some way of combining the two disciplines? Well if the Barbados version of Top Gear live is to be believed, there very definitely is. As part of the motoring experience, organisers pitted 2008 Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton against rally driver and YouTube sensation Ken Block. The two...

  • Could the Black Knight change our minds about drones?

    Check this out. It's a drone, but not the kind making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The "Black Knight", which is disappointingly painted khaki, is instead built to autonomously evacuate troops from a battle zone or drop in supplies. According to Autoblog, development on the Advanced Tactics Incorporated built vehicle is still in its very early stages. That said, it's pretty impressive that, even so early on in the project, the vehicle is capable of sustaining a computer-controlled hover flight. As the video shows, it doesn't have to be controlled remotely either, with users having the option to...

  • Watch McLaren’s VIPs thrash the 650S Coupe around Monza [video]

    You don't have to be a McLaren fan, or executive, to appreciate this. Mentioning "McLaren" and "Monza" in the same sentence should evoke nostalgia of Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen dueling for the win. But this time the McLaren in question is the marque's road-going, incredibly swift 650S Coupe. The 641-horsepower, 3.8-litre turbocharged monster was recently spotted kissing the curbs of Italy's fabled Monza racetrack, at the hands of the company's VIPs. The "McLaren Pure Driving Experience" is about as close a car fan could come to a midyear Christmas. The video showcases four 650S engines rumble into life, burbling away as...

  • Watch this mining truck drift between classic cars, on purpose [video]

    "Drifting" and "truck" don't normally share space in the same sentence, but when they do the result is either catastrophic or utterly brilliant. Enter the latter case. In Mike Ryan's world there's nothing a car can do that a truck can't. The American stunt driver has done some of the craziest things with rubble-movers, most notably setting the Bonneville Salt Flats record by pushing an 11-ton Freightliner semi-truck beyond 360km/h. He has been known to drift a few, as well. In his latest conquest, he teams up with the data company EMC for its new advert. Ryan rather daintily guides a...

  • Watch a Peel P50 complete a three-point turn inside a Ford Transit [video]

    When faced with a virtually impossible three-point turn on a treacherously narrow road, most drivers immediately balloon with dread. Not the chaps at Ford. The company has released a rather ingenious advert aimed at flaunting the 15.1 cubic metre loading space in its new Ford Transit van. How? Well, by using the world's smallest production car, driven by the world's most determined man, to complete the world's most painful multi-point turn. You remember the Peel P50? The car that Jeremy Clarkson famously drove through the BBC headquarters? Well, in this video, the Peel P50 successfully drives into the Transit's loading area, turns...

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